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July 21, 2024

the bird’s eye jazz club:  30 year birthday celebration!

Kohlenberg 20 4051 Basel

no reservations, no cover

……... best to go early!


Opening Band concert at 17:00   followed by jam session for all! 

Ann Malcolm, vocal; Bastien Rieser, trumpet; Lorenzo Vitolo, piano;

Gianni Narduzzi, bass; Marton Juhasz, drums 

Jan. 31/ Feb. 1,
recordings for
Studio 21 Bern

Jan. 25, 2024
Live at Kloster Dornach Jazz
Atillio Troiano and Friends

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Dec. 5/6, 2023
recordings for at Studio 21 Bern
with singer-songwriter Paul Alan Reichert recording for Ann Malcolm's Music

Spectrum Ch. 2,
engineer Simon Guyer
Studio 21 engineer/producer Felix Wolf

July 28-30.2023                  

recordings and videos

(including demos with students)     Jazz Campus Basel

 Ann Malcolm’s Music Spectrum Chapter 2 (release Dec. 2023).    


June 11, 2023 18:00    

“Creating An Atmosphere” Workshop

Workshop semester concert led by Ann Malcolm

Jazzcampus Basel


June 9, 2023. 17:00  

farewell apero Jazz Campus Basel.

April 24, 2023.  19:30   

Vocal Lab concert   led by Jorge Rossy and Ann Malcolm

Jazz Campus Basel.      


Feb. 18-20.2023.  recordings and videos

Ann Malcolm’s Music Spectrum Chapter 1 (release Dec. 2023)  


Jan. 25 2023.      

“Creating An Atmosphere”  

 Workshop semester concert led by Ann Malcolm


Jan. 16. 2023     

 “Celebrating The Voice” 

Jazz Campus Basel Big Band led by Adrian Mears 

 “In The Long Run”    music/lyrics: Adrian Mears

 Ann Malcolm vocal feature



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Sept. 29-30. 2022      

recordings for band-on

William Evans, piano; Bänz Oester, bass, Jorge Rossy, drums,

Florian Egli, saxophone

September 15    time tba

Tribute to Andy Scherrer

Ann Malcolm, vocals; Colin Vallon, piano; Dominique Girod, bass;

Claudio Strüby, drums

Jochen Baldes, tenor saxophone; Christph Grab, tenor saxophone;

Nat Su, alto saxophone.

Villa R. Irrniger

Schneckenmannstrasse 9

8044 Zürich

June 18

Private party Riehen, Switzerland

Ann Malcolm vocals

Andreas Böhlin, alto saxophone

Sebastian Böhlin, guitar

Tibor Elekes, bass

June 10

Wedding songs for Cat & Misi

Jardines de Alfabia

Mallorca, Spain


May 23,  19:30

Jazz Campus Basel Big Band

MA students of Guillermo Klein arrange for lecturers

«This Is New» by Kurt Weill arr. for Ann Malcolm by Gianni Gagliardi

Jan. 24, 22:00

Jazz Campus Basel, Utengasse, Basel    

reservations necessary: Jazz Campus Basel Veranstaltungen

Big Band Plays Mears: Compositions of Adrian Mears 

featured soloists: Ann Malcolm (voc), Malcolm Braff (kb), Bänz Oester (b),

Michael Beck (p), Domenic Landolf (sax), Guillermo Klein (p).

Adrian Mears (cond/comp/tb/dgdo)

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October 7-9

jury member International Jazz Piano Contest Lausanne

October 9, 2021                Jazz Club Chorus  Lausanne 

Ann Malcolm vocal          Prof. Hochschule für Musik Basel Jazz Campus, Prof. Univ. of Performing Arts Jazz Mannheim 2005-2020

Hervé Sellin  piano          Prof. Conservatoire Supérieur National de Musique of Paris and fellow jury member

Matyas Szandai bass       Master Hemu Jazz Lausanne

Cyril Regamey   drums    Prof. Hemu Jazz Lausanne

special guests: Matthieu Michel trumpet, Robert Bonisolo saxophone

July 28, 2021 

online video presentation / panel discussion Women in Jazz with Harvard University students time and link to be announced soon

May 9, 2021

Mother's Day church service 10:00   works by Ellington, Vivaldi, Debussy, J.G. Rheinberger, Ch. Trenet

Roman Catholic church    Kirchgasse 17, 4107 Ettingen Switzerland

Ann Malcolm saxophone

Christina Koch organ 

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15./16. July 2020    

17./18. July 2020

Concert: 20:30-21:30 / 21:45-22:45 Reservation necessary: or +41 61 263 33 41

This Is For Andy

Memorial Concerts for saxophonist Andy Scherrer (10.10.1946-26.11.2019 )

Ann Malcolm-Stephan Kurmann "This is for Andy" with William Evans, Adrian Mears and Jorge Rossy

Ann Malcolm: vocals, singer

Adrian Mears: trombone

William Evans: piano

Stephan Kurmann: bass

Jorge Rossy: drums

the bird's eye jazz club
Kohlenberg 20
Postadresse: Im Lohnhof 8
CH-4051 Basel
+41 (0)61 263 33 41

6 June 2020         verschoben    

Concert: 17:00

A Tribute To Andy Scherrer

Tom Gsteiger, journalist and organizer

Ann Malcolm, vocals

Colin Vallon, piano

Dominique Girod, bass

Claudio Strüby, drums

Thomas Lüthy , tenor saxophone

Nat Su, alto saxophone

Christoph Grab, tenor saxophone

Jochen Baldes, tenor saxophone


Villa Schneckenmann

Schneckenmannstrasse 8

8044 Zürich

24/25.April 2020     verschoben

Concert: 20:30-21:30 / 21:45-22:45

This Is For Andy

Memorial Concerts for saxophonist Andy Scherrer (10.10.1946-26.11.2019 )

Ann Malcolm, vocals

William Evans, piano

Stephan Kurmann, bass

Norbert Pfammatter, drums

Nat Su, alto saxophone

Adrian Mears, trombone

the bird's eye jazz club
Kohlenberg 20
Postadresse: Im Lohnhof 8
CH-4051 Basel
+41 (0)61 263 33 41

24 April 2020   verschoben

Concert: 16:00

This Is For Andy

Memorial Concert for saxophonist Andy Scherrer

Roche ‘N Jazz

(band same as by Birds Eye Jazzclub concerts 24/25 April,2020 )

Tinguely Museum Basel

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February 18, 2019
Jazzclub Ella and Louis

Rosengartenpl. 2, DE-68161 Mannheim

Concert 20:00

Tickets: Concert 20:00

"You and the Night and the Music"
Ann Malcolm, Vocals
Robi Szakcsi Lakatos, Piano
Thomas Stabenow, Bass

February 19, 2019

Jazzkeller Frankfurt

Kleine Bockenheimerstrasse 18a, DE-60313 Frankfurt am Main

Concert 21:00

Tickets nur an der Abendkasse, keine Reservierungen, kein Vorverkauf, keine Kredit Karten -

Tickets available only at the club on night of concert, no reservations, no credit cards
Ann Malcolm, Vocals
Robi Szakcsi Lakatos, Piano
Thomas Stabenow, Bass

February 20, 2019

Skylobby Theater Gütesloh

Barkeystrasse 15, DE-33330 Gütersloh, Tel: 0049 5241 864259

Concert 20:00
Ann Malcolm, Vocals
Robi Szakcsi Lakatos, Piano
Thomas Stabenow, Bass

November 4, 2019

Enjoy Jazz Festival Mannheim

25 Jahre Jazz/Popularmusik Musikhochsule Mannheim

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim

Konzert 20:00, Einlass 19.00
Mannheim Jazz Orchestra 

Jörg Achim Keller,  Director

Rainer Boehm : p
Felix Fromm : tb
Volker Engelberth : p
Alberto Menendez: ts
Olaf Schönborn : as
Jürgen Seefelder : ts
Thomas Stabenow : b 
Ann Malcolm : voc
Michael Küttner : dr

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January 14, 2018

Music Church Service for the New Year, 10.00
Katholische Kirche Ettingen Baselland
Kirchgasse 17, 4107 Ettingen
music from J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, as well as jazz greats Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and chansonnier Charles Trenet
Ann Malcolm, Saxophone and Vocals
Christina Koch, Orgel

July 14, 2018

Cojazz featuring  Ann Malcolm and Bruno Spoerri
Birds Eye Jazzclub Basel. 20:30-21:30; 21:45-22:45.

September 27, 2018

Thursday 20.30 - 21.30 Uhr, 21.45 - 22.45 Uhr

Bird's Eye Jazz Club Basel

Kohlenberg 20, 4051 Basel, Tel. 061 263 33 41

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January 8, 2017
Ann Malcolm Alto Saxophone, Vocal Christina Koch, Orgel

Neujahrs Gottesdienst

Katholische Kirche Ettingen BL

April 16, 2017 Ostersonntag

10.00 Uhr Gottesdienst
Ann Malcolm Alto Saxophone and Vocal, Christina Koch Orgel

Neujahrs Gottesdienst

Katholische Kirche Ettingen BL

April 17, 2017

Konzertbeginn 20.30 Uhr 

20:30: Lottchen: Eva Buchmann (voc) und Sonja Huber (vib)
21:30: Duo Ann Malcolm (voc) & Florian Favre (p) Duo "Essence"
Jazz Campus Club Basel, Utengasse 15, Basel
Weitere Infos hier:


September 3, 2017

Konzertbeginn 17.00 Uhr

Ann Malcolm in Concert, Belle Plaine, Iowa
Ann Malcolm: vocals, Steve hillis: piano, Dave Green: bass


September 8, 2017

Hillis House Concert, Fairfield, Iowa

Ann Malcolm vocals

Steve Hillis, piano

Gary Palmer, bass

October 25, 2017

Konzertbeginn 20.30 Uhr no entrance fee

Ann Malcolm (band to be annonced)
Jazz Campus Club Basel, Jam Opener, Utengasse 15, 4058 Basel

Weitere Infos hier:

December 13, 2017

Jazz Campus Basel, 20.30
Ann Malcolm   vocals
Andy Scherrer  tenor saxophone
William Evans  piano

December 16, 2017
Ann Malcolm Quartet "Scenes Of Christmas"

Ann Malcolm - vocal

Andy Scherrer - piano

Fabian Gisler - bass

Norbert Pfammatter - drums

Saturday: 15.30 - 16.15 Uhr, 16.30 - 17.15 Uhr

Konzersaal, Restaurant Spaghetti Factory, Metzgergasse 8, 5000 Aarau, Tel. 062 822 23 12

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April 6, 2016
Opener Band: Ann Malcolm (voc), Stephan Plecher (p), Andy Scherrer (ts)

Baröffnung um 19.30 Uhr Eintritt frei


Utengasse 15, 4058 Basel

 June 17, 2016  21.00 Uhr
Florian Favre "Carte Blanche" in duo with Ann Malcolm
Wabern bei Bern

 July 9, 2016
Private Party
Duo Ann Malcolm, Vocals and Hector Ceravolo, Piano
Hotel Fletschhorn
Saas Fee, Switzerland

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1th January 2015
Maga Zoltan New Year concert in Budapest Papp László Sportarena.
The New Year's concert with Mága Zoltan and friends presents the best hungarian entertainment show from the operetta to musical and pop.
The most popular New Year's concert in 2015 for the 7th time...... and the tradition is continues.

Budapest, Hungary


March 13 & 14 2015
Besetzungsänderung! Cojazz invites Ann Malcolm

the bird's eye jazz club
Kohlenberg 20
CH-4051 Basel
Ann Malcolm: vocals, Andy Scherrer: piano, Stephan Kurmann: bass, Jorge Rossy: drums

Basel, Switzerland


March 27, 16.00 - 18.00

Cojazz invites Ann Malcolm

Roche 'n' JazzMuseum Tinguely, Basel

Ann Malcolm: vocals, Andy Scherrer: piano, Stephan Kurmann: bass, Jorge Rossy: drums

Basel, Switzerland


April 30, 20.30

Cojazz invites Ann Malcolm

Kulturscheune Liestal

Ann Malcolm: vocals, Andy Scherrer: piano, Stephan Kurmann: bass, Claudio Strübi: drums

Basel, Switzerland


May 9, 2015, 20.00

May 10, 2015, 17.00
Canto Vivo - Chor der Musikschule Arlesheeim

Carmen Ehinger, Leitung


Ann Malcolm Vocals

Felxi Graf Piano

Emanuel Schnyder Bass

Ulli Niedermüller Percussion

Daniel Buser Sprecher

Alte Feuerwehrmagazin, Nähe Domplatzschulhaus, Arlesheim 


May 22, 2015, 20.00
"Unter dem Kronleuchter" Jazz im Hotel Palace, Luzern
Ann Malcolm with the Marc Hunziker Trio

Mark Hunzicker, Piano

Laura Cesar, Bass

Jürg Voney, Drums
Hotel Palace, Luzern, Switzerland


June 19, 2015, 20.00

Ann Malcolm, Florian Favre Duo
Arlesheim, BL, Switzerland


July 16, 2015
Jazz concert
Ann Malcolm, vocal;  Joerg Reiter, piano; Juergen Seefelder, saxophone; Frank Kuruc, guitar
Walldorf, Germany


November 21, 2015
Stage Two, Private Party


Dezember 3, 2015

Basel, Private Party



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December 14, 2014
Ann Malcolm, vocal; Florian Favre, piano
Jazz im Chutz, Matineé 10:30 a.m.
Solothurn, Switzerland


November 23, 2014
A Tribute To Akos Stefi

Ann Malcolm, Studio 11 Radio Orchestra
Budapest, Hungary, Info here


November 18, 2014

Hochschulkonzerte | Jazz Events
Jazzkonzert - "Essence"
Ann Malcolm, vocal; Volker Engelberth, piano
Musikhochschule Mannheim
N 7, 17
68161 Mannheim, Germany

19:00, Eintritt frei

November 13, 2014
Ann Malcolm, vocal; Volker Engelberth, piano
Wabern, Switzerland

weitere Infos finden Sie auf dem Flyer.

November 3, 2014
Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim
Jubiläumskonzert 20 Jahre Abteilung Jazz/ Popularmusik
Rosengartenplatz 2
68161 Mannheim, Germany

Eintritt frei
Jubiläumskonzert 20 Jahre Abteilung Jazz/ Popularmusik
im Rahmen der Festwoche
im Rahmen von Enjoy Jazz
Professors der Abteilung Jazz und Popularmusik
Ann Malcolm, Stephan Zimmermann, Jürgen Seefelder, Felix Fromm, Joerg Reiter, Jürgen Friedrich, Frank Kuruc, Claus Kießelbach, Dave King, Thomas Stabenow, Michael Küttner, Jose Cortijo


September 6, 2014       
Thun, Switzerland       private engagement


April 24, 2014

Stage Four Band

private event

Zunfthaus zum Waag, Zürich, Switzerzland


April 17, 2014, 20:00

Ann Malcolm and trio

Thomas Stabenow, bass

Holger Nesweda, drums

tba, piano

Schatzkistl/Hotel Steigenberger Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany


March 21, 2014, 21:30

Cojazz and Ann Malcolm

Andy Scherrer, piano

Fabian Gisler, bass

Peter Schmidlin, drums

Hotel Montana, Luzern, Switzerland



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December 31, 2013

Stage Four Band

Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland


December 5, 2013

Private Christmas Party

Atlantis, Switzerland


May 18,.2013

Cojazz invites Ann Malcolm

Bird’s Eye Jazzclub Basel


2 sets: 20:30-21:30/ 21:45-22.45


May 17, 2013

Cojazz invites Ann Malcolm

Bird’s Eye Jazzclub Basel


2 sets: 20:30-21:30/ 21:45-22.45


May 16, 2013, 19:30

Concert series: Carbon und Stahl

Ann Malcolm, vocal, Francis Coletta, guitar DuoAltes Rathaus,

Rathausfestsaal Völklingen, Germany


April 24, 2013

Off Beat Jazz Festival - Ann Malcolm/Andy Scherrer Du

Basel, Switzerland

Weddingsinger Ann Malcolm.JPG
Ann Malcolm
ann-malcolm-Farewell apero Jazz Campus B
Jazzcampus Basel, Big Band Concert Ann Malcolm
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