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Incident’ly (instrumental title: Evidence by Thelonious Monk)

Lyric: Ann Malcolm

Publisher: Thelonious Music Coorperation

Recording: Incident’ly, Sound Hills records (SSCD-8053), Japan 1994

Incident’ly I got some evidence baby it’s hot

Don’t appear to be so preoccupied when you are not

What are charms for? Use the back door!

Just between you and me in confidence

Hey, thanks a lot.


Improvisation: The funny thing ‘bout picking up clues – when you least expect an interesting piece of news – sort of falls in your lap, right out of the blue, if you’re sitting down like me on the park bench. (Don’t interrupt me ‘til you get the details)

She was about tot close the shop when suddenly she stopped and pulled a travel phone (update this to cellphone/iphone) from her handbag, dialled away. I guess it was long distance ‘cause she spoke so loud, announced it was her birthday, said the cat is out, whatever that means.

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